Publication design • Kettle stitch bound, 8″ x 10″

A collection of stories from sneaker enthusiasts in Seattle.

Through 400 minutes of interviews and conversations, I came to understand how E-commerce has changed individual relationships between collectors and their shoes over the past 15 years. This 84 page book contains all original content including interviews, photography, and illustrations.


12 Weeks Fall 2018
Layout design, Photography and Illustration


Over three months, I DM’ed numerous people, entered homes of strangers (not my brightest idea but definitely paid off), and had so many wonderful conversations with collectors.


As I conducted interviews I began to see a trend of how each collector took a personal spin and created their own opportunities from sneakers. I decided to incorporate hand-done typography into each story to bring individuality and uniqueness to each story.


This was a great opportunity to meet so many amazing, passionate, and kind individuals. Documenting the interactions and conversations that I had with people was so rewarding and energizing. Thank you to friends and strangers who have invited me into their homes and for letting me be a share their stories.