NORDSTROM STYLING • responsive web

Creating personal and tailored shopping experiences.

Shoppers who are looking for fashion guidance can be sent outfits, or styleboards by Nordstrom stylists. Our goal was to redesign landing pages on desktop and responsive web to increase chat engagement, and grow add to bag conversion.


June - August 2019
UX Internship
Designer + Researcher


I am a Nordstrom client who wants to see an outfit my stylist has texted me, however the current experiences makes it difficult to browse products and engage with my stylist.


Increase chat engagement and add to bag conversion. Create a personalized and custom experience for each user.

Existing experience

The existing experience limited browsing of products makes it difficult to find more product information without leaving the page.

Navigation to other stylists and outfits provides no context.

Chat feels separate from the experience.


I explored some concepts that focused on:

• Increasing the visibility of chat and humanizing online styling

• Linking your style-board landing page to a broader styling experience by giving better access to your other boards and stylists.

• Exploring other ways that items are shown


Over a week we conducted eight, 60 minute in person studies that engaged participants with two different clickable prototypes on a mobile device.


Participants preferred experiences that emulated chatting with real people.

They liked being able to see outfits as a set, but see granular product details

Previews of other styled outfits helped encourage exploration

"it [floating chat with stylist picture] feels like she would be a sales person helping me right there in the dressing room, its a little more personal" -Participant


By designing mobile first we were able to scale our solution to our desktop experience. Our findings helped us prioritize our design decisions including:

A floating chat made users like this relationship

Ability to dive deeper into product details for more informed add to bag decisions

Navigation to other stylists and looks to encourage cross selling